What you should do when your tenant abandons your property

What you should do when your tenant abandons your property

As a landlord or property manager, you have to deal with all kinds of tenants. If you’re in need of extra money, payday loans could be a short term solution. Good tenants will take good care of the property while others will not show even a little concern. Sometimes, you find tenants will abandon the space. Normally when there is an issue between you and the tenant, you file an eviction notice but in this case, you will only need to change the locks.

What will you do with the renter’s property? In some areas, you are allowed to throw all the remaining property away. Check out the laws in your area so you can know how to go about the clearance. If you have a legal obligation to keep or store the property, you can take it to storage in the building and wait for the owners to come to pick it up. Keep the lease between you and the tenant in place in case of any legal issues. You also have the obligation to change the locks on the door when the tenants abandon your property.

Trusting your tenant

If you are not completely sure that the tenant abandoned the property, you have no obligation to change any of the locks. The lease has all the regulations about entry to the home. Check out the lease, if it allows you can enter the home. The hardest part will be making the judgment on whether the house has been abandoned or not.

Some factors that will play a role in determining the status of the home include; proof that the tenant moved, did anyone see the tenant moved? Check out if the utilities in the area have not been in use then you’ll know how long they have not been around. you can also follow up to see if the tenant has changed their address at the post office, this will tell you if they are permanently living in a different area.  Tenants who move out in a flash normally carry the valuables only. If there are only non-valuables in the home, this could mean that the tenant abandoned the property. if you have access to the home, conduct a thorough check out for a final conclusion.

Understanding the situation

Even when the tenant has not been living in the area, it is not safe to make assumptions without getting to know those facts first. Personal items may be a sign that your tenant has not abandoned the homes, so do not be quick to make such assumptions. Most occupancy agreements state that if a person has left the home without any intention of returning which is evident by removal of personal items, not paying the rent, and a statement from the confirming they have left you have the right to claim abandonment and break the lease with proof. 

You can contact, notify the tenant that you have removed the belongings before you hand over the apartment to another person. If it happens that the tenant did not abandon their property but you ended up taking out their possessions and leasing the place, there is a lot of legal issues you will have to deal with.

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